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19.2. 2015

KIC InnoEnergy announces new call for innovative project proposals

New Call for Proposals in Sustainable Energy

KIC InnoEnergy, the European company for innovation, education and business creation in sustainableenergy, has announced today the launch of a new call for proposals to develop innovative products and services, as part of their ambitious support programme dedicated to boosting sustainable innovations in Europe. KIC InnoEnergy’s objective is to offer comprehensive support to public and private researchers to enhance the effectiveness and speed of the go-to-market process of their projects.

Created in 2010, KIC InnoEnergy has become the new heavyweight of cleantech innovation in Europe. It adopts a partnership approach specifically geared at developing ideas from the lab in order to launch them into markets as viable commercial products. This EU-backed organisation provides successful applicants with a unique opportunity to remove the usual barriers to innovation by giving access to the right business partners, cutting-edge business development support, financing and IP protection, as well as finding the first customers and facilitating European energy markets entry.

KIC InnoEnergy is one of the first three Knowledge and Innovation Communities (together with ICT Labs and Climate KIC) created under the leadership of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. It is a commercial company with 27 shareholders who are all key players in the energy field coming from top ranked industries, research institutions and universities of eight EU countries. This public-private organisation can draw on a huge investment portfolio of €400 million per year to ensure that cleantech innovation in Europe benefits from adequate development support mechanisms.

Diego Pavia, CEO of KIC InnoEnergy, commented: “KIC InnoEnergy and its collaborators have the genuine potential to reduce the wide gap that currently exists in Europe between research and innovation on one side, and the market on the other side. One of the key factors in restoring Europe’s competitiveness internationally is to increase the effectiveness and the speed with which we take our ideas from the lab to the market. Thanks to better collaboration, sound processes and proper financing, we will continue to significantly boost European innovation and competitiveness.”

KIC InnoEnergy defines innovation projects as the transformation of available knowledge into new marketable products and services related to the field of sustainable energy that have positive economic and social impacts. Its ‘Innovation Project Cycle’ summarises the full life cycle of the innovation process in 12 steps. Fundamentally, innovations should: 1) decrease energy costs; 2) increase security vis-a-vis resource holders; 3) increase intrinsic operational safety or reliability; and/or 4) reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Technology roadmaps for each of the KIC InnoEnergy thematic fields1, according to which proposals are to be submitted, are available here. The deadline for proposal submissions under the first call of 2015 is April 10.

To learn more about the current call, including eligibility criteria, general information on the request for proposals can be downloaded here. Guidelines are listed here. Interested bidders located within the EU's 'new' member states are invited to share their ideas with REC Senior Expert Jerome Simpson (Tel: 00 36 26 504 039) who as KIC InnoEnergy partner for central and eastern Europe coordinates outreach and take-up in the region. Dedicated events to explain the call and facilitate partnerships are also being held throughout Europe during February and March and are detailed here. On February 19, KI C InnoEnergy hosts a first matchmaking event in Krakow, Poland. A final shortlist of proposals will be drawn up during April, with the signature process for project agreements to be completed by June 3-4, 2015.